Faculty of Art, Design and Production

Faculty of Art, Design and Production

Director of Faculty: Mr Andy Winstanley   |   Assistant Director of Faculty: Mrs Kate Charles

| Ms Kirsten Westgate (Design and Technology)

Mrs Sam Gittins-Jones: (Design and Technology)   |   Miss Lacey Roberts (Hair and Beauty)

Mrs Sue Sayers: (Design and Technology; Foundation Learning)

Mrs Liz Kayll (Technician)   |   Mr Steve Worgan (Technician)

The Art, Design & Production Faculty seeks to actively enthuse students to challenge their boundaries of creativity by allowing students to utilise a range of materials, processes, tools and machines. Students will generate and develop ideas to create products which solve problems and challenge traditional concepts. Students will leave us equipped with real life skills to help them in their further learning, whether it’s an apprenticeship, a vocational or academic course.

At Key Stage 3 all students work with a range of different media and develop practical skills in a safe but challenging environment to solve problems. Students develop a range of skills in analysing and designing, using tools and processes ranging from traditional to state of the art CAD-CAM laser technology. At Key Stage 4 students can opt from a range of GCSE or vocationally focused courses from the specialised subject areas

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