Faculty of Communications

Director of Faculty: Mrs Victoria Pearce (English)   |   Assistant Director: Miss Jane Burns (Languages)

Mrs Sam Akamine (English Tutor)      Mrs Karine James (Languages)       Mr Phil McNeill (English)

Ms Su Paton (English)     Mrs Liz Underwood (Languages)

 The Faculty of Communications consists of: English | Literature | Modern Foreign Languages

Lead by Victoria Eveleigh as Director, and Jane Burns as Assistant Director, our vision in the Communications Faculty is simple. We aim to use language to expand the world of all our students and to have as much fun as possible doing it. Learning a foreign language encourages students to appreciate other countries, cultures and communities beyond our shores and to begin to think of themselves as world citizens. Communication skills, such as listening, co-operation and negotiation, are vital in modern life and regarded as an essential asset in work places. We explore the role of English and Modern Foreign Languages through a breadth of resources and multi-media approaches. Novels, plays, media texts, films, newspapers, websites, blogs and non-fiction texts are all used to help our students understand their place in the wider world. The Communications Faculty is made up of a team of dedicated and specialist staff, including newspaper and media experts and native French speakers. We work closely with other departments to embed and secure language confidence and literacy across the entire academy.

In English, at Key Stage 3, we provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that covers a full range of classic and modern literature. We also explore and investigate the use of English in the modern world. Students experience a variety of teaching styles and activities designed to prepare them for GCSEs and beyond. In English at Key Stage 4, students undertake dual English Literature and English Language, single English GCSE, or English Language iGCSE depending on which suits them best. We also offer Entry Level qualifications and Functional Skills qualifications within the department. At Key Stage 3 all students are involved in learning at least one foreign language. It’s our aim to develop confidence when speaking, understanding and writing. Foreign languages are a critical part of a student’s arsenal when demonstrating a true breadth of study and are hugely valued by higher learning institutions. The GCSE allows students to demonstrate an additional facet to their communication skills, even if they do not choose to pursue the study further. We have had great fun on some very successful foreign visits in recent years. Calais, Paris and Futuroscope and Barcelona have all been explored by students at The Dean Academy allowing them to really see the impact of effective communication on their lives as a whole. We encourage our students to get involved with debating, creative writing, poetry and public speaking competitions, reading groups, foreign film and book clubs and many more extra curricular activities designed to enrich their Communications experience.


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