Faculty of Learning Support

Faculty of Learning Support

Director of Faculty (SEN): Miss Jane Elcome  |   Assistant Director of Faculty (SEN): Mrs Anna McCoy

Ms Yazmine Alimi   |   Mrs Karen Bates

Mrs Tina Bennett  l Miss Kelly Buckley | Mrs  Judy Dance   |   Mrs Anna Edwards   |

Mrs Sheila Hankinson  |   Mrs Lisa Haisman

Mrs Claire Lavender   |   Mrs Anna McCoy   |   Ms Keren McCormick

Mrs Julia Pitt   |   Mr Ian Priday   |   Mrs Tracey Pritchard

|   Mrs Toni Creed  |   Mrs Caroline Stanley

   |   Mrs Gemma Turley l  Mrs Samantha Vale

A commitment to inclusion underpins all that we do in the Learning Support Faculty. By inclusion we mean providing the opportunity for all our students to achieve and delivering the support which enables them to do so. The faculty strives to offer comprehensive support for students with learning difficulties using well-qualified and experienced specialist staff. The faculty staff aim to provide early and effective intervention to support our students, whether this is through in-class support; small group or 1:1 specialist teaching; specialist resources or mentoring. The teenage years can be some of the most challenging and difficult for our young people and the faculty offers emotional support and guidance to help them to cope. We value the differences and individuality of all our students and aim to encourage them in all their endeavours and to foster in them the confidence and self-esteem to take on anything, to keep trying and to have a positive attitude towards life and learning.

As well as offering high quality in-class support in the mainstream classroom as our principle focus, we also have a superb learning support base, housing 2 classrooms one of which is equipped with PCs programmed with a variety of literacy and numeracy resources. We have a wealth of specialist resources to support and enhance learning for those with learning difficulties. Specialist staff carry out screening for dyslexia and offer support to those who need extra help with reading and literacy. There is also a new intensive reading and writing programme, “Read, Write Inc”, which will be taught to selected students in small groups. There is a Learning Assistant who works directly within the Mathematics Faculty to teach small groups of students with particular needs. In Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to follow an alternative ASDAN course if they are not able to access the content of some of the GCSE or BTEC courses. ASDAN offers flexible, practical learning and is an accredited course recognised by Colleges, Universities and Employers. All learning support is directly tailored to individual student need.

The Faculty of Learning Support consists of Special Educational Needs (SEN) support, The EPIC Centre for students with additional Communication and Interaction needs and links closely with the Student Support Centre, which supports students’ emotional and behavioural needs.

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