Faculty of Maths and Computing

Faculty of Maths and Computing

Director of Faculty: Miss Rachael Lewis (Maths)   |   Assistant Director: Mrs Jo Webb (Computing)

Mrs Alison Ball (Maths)   |   Mr Alastair Cornish (Maths)   |   Mr Daniel Jones (Maths)

Mr Mark Swain (Maths)  / Mrs Natascha Cook (Maths)

 The Faculty of Maths and Computing consists of:  Maths   |   Computing

The Faculty vision is to continually improve and react to theever-changing world. We recognise that to teach our subjectseffectively we must give students activities which they enjoy,see the relevance of and are taught by teachers with excellent subject knowledge. Students are encouraged to develop theirproblem solving skills across the Faculty. We ensure that allstudents are confident and effective users of communications technology. Maths is taught by seven full time Maths teachers, we also have a maths learning assistant, who liaises between the SEN Faculty and the Maths teachers. ICT is taught by two full time members of staff and one part time member.

Course Structure


At Key Stage 4 Level 2 Business is offered as an option to students. This course is an Edexcel BTEC First Award which is equivalent to a GCSE at Grade C or higher. Students will study Enterprise in the Business World and Finance for Business as well as two optional units. This course gives students an opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge ofthe business sector and investigate areas of specific interest.


At Key Stage 4 Level 2 Computing is offered as an option to students. This course is an OCR GCSE which is equivalent to a GCSE. Students will have the opportunity to investigate how computers work and how they are used as well as developing computer programming and problem-solving skills.

ICT Nationals

At Key Stage 4 Level 2 ICT is offered as an option to students. This course is an OCR Cambridge Nationals course which is equivalent to a GCSE at Grade C or higher. This course reflects the use of personal computers to smartphones, from apps to websites that enhance their everyday lives. It provides students with a solid foundation for understanding and applying this subject in their future working lives.


At Key Stage 3 ICT is taught as a discrete subject. Students follow in-house “Digital Learning” schemes of work with a new emphasis on process driven solutions through the use ofcomputing. Year 11 core complete the OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 National Certificate in ICT, which is equivalent to one GCSE.


At Key Stage 3 we follow the medium term plans developed by the department, using the National Numeracy Strategy as a guide. Additional resources and ideas from Kangaroomathsare also used to supplement our teaching. We use the Success In Maths textbooks, Mymaths website and other innovative teaching materials to enhance teaching and learning at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4, students work towards the Edexcel GCSE syllabus. We use the Edexcel textbooks, Active teach and the Mymaths website to aid our teaching. The top sets are currently covering Additional Mathematics alongside their GCSE, to provide them with an insight into A Level Mathematics.

Computing and ICT Resources

Maths Resources

For Maths past papers, go to:

then select ‘qualification’, ‘GCSE’ ‘Mathematics A” then choose a paper to download.

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