Science Revision – Year 11

Year 11 Science Revision Resources

Please use these resources in order to support your revision for your upcoming science exams. In order to gain the highest possible grades in the summer your revision needs to start NOW! There are lots of resources on this website in order to help you with your revision and you can copy over an electronic copy of the textbooks from the shared area here: T:\SCIENCE\GCSE TEXTBOOKS

Revision mats – Print these off in A3 and challenge yourself to summarise the whole topic onto one sheet. This doesn’t mean writing really small – focus on extracting the key points from your revision guide. Once you have done this cover up parts of the page and try to recall the information. You could then print these onto A4 or even A5 sized paper, cut down the information further and then try and talk around the key points – you will be surprised how much you can remember, especially when you talk out loud to yourself!

Quick fire questions – A quick way to identify the areas that you need to work on for each topic. If you can answer the questions then that is great, if you can’t then look up the answers in your revision guide and recap this area!

Past paper questions – Once you have revised a topic completing past papers are by far the best way to prepare for your exams. Complete them in exam conditions and timings, and then mark them critically in order to hone your exam technique. There is a guide to answering exam questions in this folder too which you should print off and follow every time you answer exam questions. Don’t avoid the 6 mark questions (we know that you do!) – they are actually often the easiest way to pick up marks!

Good luck and don’t forget that we are all here if you need any help, advice or words of encouragement!

The Science Faculty (Mrs Tall, Mr Child, Mr Mooney, Mr Barrett, Mrs Pilling, Mr Webb and Mr Kelley

Past Papers
Quick Fire Questions
Revision Mats
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