One of the ways in which you can support your local community school is by becoming a governor. Governance is a hugely important part of the life of the academy; governors act as critical friends, challenging the leadership and supporting academy life. If you would like to know more about the role of the governor, please don’t hesitate to contact the clerk to governors who can be reached via

Correspondence to the governing body should be directed to the Chair of Governors, Mrs Karen Frost and sent to The Clerk to Governors, Mrs Michelle Saddington, The Dean Academy, Church Road, Lydney. GL15 5DZ.


 Chair of Governors

Mrs Karen Frost (Term ends 15/09/2017)

Karen Frost

Head Teacher

Mr Tom Beveridge

Tom Beveridge

Executive Head Teacher

Mr John Barrett

John Barrett

Staff Governors

Mr Dave Child (Teaching) (Term ends 01/10/2019)

Dave Child2

Mrs Julie Stephens (Support) (Term ends 01/10/2019)

Julie Stephens

Co-Opted Governors

Mr Eddie Pearson (Vice Chair) (Term ends 11/11/2017)

Eddie Pearson

Bob Boulter (Term ends 09/02/2020)

Bob Boulter

Mrs Pauline Heuston (Term ends 03/11/2019)

Pauline Heuston

Jules Phelan (Term ends 06/07/2019)

Jules Phelan

Emma Spiller (Term ends 30/08/2020)

Emma Spiller

Christian Maass (Term ends 18/09/2020)

Amanda Dear (Term ends 19/03/2021)

Parent Governors

Peter Tomley (Term ends 08/12/2019)


Helen Black (Term ends 08/12/2019)

Helen Black

Janine Fox (Term ends 09/02/2020)


Mrs Ingrid Freedman (Term ends 03/03/2018)

Ingrid Freedman 2

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Michelle Saddington

Michelle Saddington

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