Science Revision Advice and Booster Sessions

21 Feb 2017

Every week Mrs Tall (Head of Science) will be putting up some revision advice onto Show My Homework to help all year 11 students to get started with their revision. It would be great if parents could also read the advice, and encourage their children to complete the revision tasks being set, as well as test their children to check that they now understand the topics that they have revised (this could be as simple as testing them on their recall of the facts in their revision notes, or asking questions that students may have devised in their revision).
Science ‘drop-in’ style revision sessions are starting from this Thursday 23rd February from 3.15-4.30pm and will run every Thursday of Week A. Students can come along to revise quietly and pick up resources to help them but they should also bring any queries they might have as a number of science teachers will be on hand to help. Students who were specifically invited to attend the revision sessions being run by Mr Barrett and Mrs Tall should continue to attend these sessions as they take priority.

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