Director of Faculty: Mrs Katie Tall |   Assistant Director: Mr David Child

  Mr Lee Kelley   |   Mr Darren Webb    |   Mrs Tracey Pilling

Science at The Dean Academy is delivered by a team of specialists under the direction of our Director of Faculty Mr Rahul Odedra, seeking to inspire students with a true enthusiasm for the way the World works. Drawing on inspiration and personal experience from the many different fields of science and industry, the team can not only offer an excellent depth of academic subject knowledge, but also the relevance that students need to place science within their own lives. There are many ways that we can learn science – so we have many different ways of teaching and examining science. We follow a range of courses that allow us to match the curriculum to the student, providing the maximum opportunity to gain good qualifications in science.

At Key Stage 3, we follow a general science course based on the ‘Science Works’ publications, creating a solid foundation of basics in Chemistry, Biology and Physics with plenty of opportunity for practical learning and preparation for Key Stage 4. Key Stage 4 in our faculty starts at the beginning of Year 9. All students start the OCR GCSE course and follow all three sciences. At the end of this year, students sit the latest actual exam for this content and they are marked in accordance with the examination board guidelines. The results are then used to direct students towards their optimum Key Stage 4 studies. In Key Stage 4, students diverge into a variety of courses according to learning styles and ability. These range from separate GCSE qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, through Core and Additional Science for the majority of students to BTEC Applied Science for those students who are much better at ‘doing’ science rather than remembering it in an exam setting! The team come from all walks of life, combining experience of commerce and industry with high academic credentials. This allows science at The Dean Academy to not only be fun and high achieving, but also relevant to all of our students, whatever their aspirations.





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