Student progress monitoring

Overview of Student Progress Monitoring

It is very important that we all have confidence that the judgements we make regarding your child’s progress are accurate and provide a useful guide as to how well s/he is progressing in all subjects. We use a range of data to provide an accurate overall assessment of your child’s ability and potential achievement.

All students are tested when they join the school using a set of tests called CATs. These provide us with a great deal of information regarding different types of ability. We also use the primary school data that tells us how well your child achieved at the end of Key Stage 2 (Key Stage 3 relates to years 7 – 9; Key Stage 4 relates to years 10 – 11). Students are placed in sets for the majority of their subjects on the basis of this combination of data. We regularly review student setting.

All students then have their learning assessed every term (6 terms per year) in every subject in order to provide us with working at grades (WAG) in Key stage 4 and working at levels (WAL) in Key Stage 3. The WAG/WAL is the result of a test at the end of a unit of work. So, for example, if your child has just completed in Geography a six week unit of work on Glaciation, s/he will be tested on that unit of work. It is important to note that the WAG/WAL tells us how well your child has understood that particular unit of work and whether his performance is in line with our expectations for him. On its own it does not give a complete picture as to how well your child is succeeding in the subject. However, during the course of the year, the data builds to give a clear indication as to how well s/he is doing.

If you are unsure about how well your child is progressing, please contact us so that we can clarify the situation.

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