It is important that our students come to work each day dressed appropriately and to a standard that represents the school well.

Our uniform consists of:

Plain white shirt (short or long sleeves) that can be properly tucked in.

Dean Academy tie.

Dean Academy Jumper (optional).

Dean Academy Blazer.

Plain black straight legged trousers. We do not accept ‘skinny’ or other fashion trousers or black denim.

Plain grey, black or white socks.

Plain black school shoes. We do not accept ballet pumps, trainers or other fashion shoes.

Alternative to trousers:

Plain black skirt, kneelength. We do not allow short or tight fitting skirts.

Plain black tights.


Please click on the image to enlarge.

We do not allow any facial piercings other than a single small stud in each ear. We also do not allow extremes of hair style or colour.

Sports Kit

Please note:

All jewellery MUST be removed before P.E. lessons for safety reasons. Valuables should be given to the P.E. teacher for safe keeping.

The Dean Academy rugby shirt, Dean Academy shorts and Dean Academy socks

Football/rugby boots

Trainers with non-marking soles


The Dean Academy rugby shirt Dean Academy skort or shorts, Dean Academy socks

Trainers with non-marking soles

Additional information

In cold weather, students may also wear black tracksuit bottoms or sports running tights

Base layers may also be worn

Please ensure that you have suitable supportive or protective underwear for P.E.

Students are advised to wear gum shields and shin pads for hockey, football and rugby. If chosen to represent the academy, these items are essential.

ALL items of uniform must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Uniform is available from Trutex by post, ‘phone or via the internet or The National Schoolwear Centre in Gloucester.

Help with the cost of uniform is available; please request details from the office.




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